Brora Wolf


Brora Wolf are a five piece Rock band based out of Airdrie & Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. We've been together since 2016, with the odd change along the way.

So we are Blake on Vocals, William and Tom on Guitar, Chris on Drums and Chris Mac on Bass.

Our influences are as varied as the ages of the members of the band and we simply love playing live and loud.


Blake :- I've sang as a solo artist in the past but Brora Wolf is my first project in a band. 
I've also had support roles in Outlander and can be seen in a new show that's kind of secret at the moment.

William  :- You'll recognise william from the time he spent with us in 2018, he filled in magnificently as second gutiarist and vocalist until he left due to the birth of his daughter.
Willaims back and raring to go.

I have returned! To probably the only band I loved playing in. I won't be doing vocals this time as wee have the talented Blake Owen. 100% focused on Lead Guitar this time. Anyone who knows me knows guitar is my passion, altho bass is a close second. So expect to hear some cracking guitar work. My style is Blues/Rock leaning very heavily on riff based guitar work. Unless I'm slappin da bass then you better believe it's funky.

Tom  :- Is a multi instrumentalist who joins us from one of his many projects. He landed his first record deal in 2013 and has released numerous albums!

As well as this band he’s also a qualified barber and has a music based YouTube channel you can find at

Chris  :- I’ve been playing drums for about 10 years and I’ve been in several different bands.
I have a HNC in Music Performance.

You can also find Chris under his alternative name MrGrumpyScotsman on twitch. 

Chris Mac :- I started playing guitar when I was 9-10 and never really got any-where with it. I picked up the bass in 2015 for this project and things are going well.
Musical influences come from 70’s and 80’s rock and metal and 90's Grunge.

Schecter Diamond Five String Bass.
Fender Squier Bass.
Fender Rumble 200 Bass Amp.