Brora Wolf - Out of Hibernation.


Good Day to you one and all and thank you for continuing to have enough interest In Brora Wolf that you’ve taken a few seconds of your busy schedules to have a little read at this message.

Word of our demise was a little premature and after a hibernation, well who hasn’t hibernated in 2020, we are back in the practice studio.

The back bone of the band has remained solid Blake Owen on vocals, Chris MacMillan on drums and of Course Chris Mac on bass, but there has been a couple of changes.

For 2021 we welcome back to the pack William Stott, William you will remember played an acoustic support slot for us back in 2019 and then fronted the band while Kate took a break to rest her voice. Well Williams back in the fold this time as guitarist and I’m sure you’ll hear his vocals backing Blake.

Our newest member is Tom Glasgow, Tom has had a lustrous career bagging his first record deal in 2013 we hope to tap into his talent and knowledge going forward. Tom will be sharing guitar duties with William.

We are currently re-working some of our previous tracks and working on some new songs for your entertainment, trust me we have a lyric book of over 120 songs so once we’re sorted you’re in a for a treat.

All we need now is for Covid 19 to disappear and allow bands back out to play and we will be developing out own opportunirues and first of the list for any and all support slots that are going.

Well Pack that’s us for just now and we will Cya all in 2021.
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