Chris Mac – My Storm Breakers Diary.  

It’s Sat 06:15am and my alarms ringing its head off, “why did I say I would go in for an overtime shift the morning of Stormbreakers”, “because your skint and need the money” comes a sarcastic reply from the voice I’m sure we all have when we ask ourselves stupid question.
I eventually did drag myself out of bed and went straight to the shower. Sorry you don’t need any more details on this.
As I’m about to head out the door my phone pings and my first reaction “please not already let me at least get in to work and have my coffee!” I start to read the message and as I do I turn away from the door, drop my laptop bag, slide my jacket back off and sit on the couch.
I’m stunned with what’s on it and then the next message start coming in from the rest of the band first Paul, then Chris and I’m sure Blake would have messaged as well but he’s probably just finished a shift and is in his bed.
The basics of the message – we have been offered our first festival slot on the back of Stormbreakers, we’ve not played a note of the gig and with the support of Mark Robertson and Polestar Music Management we have been invited to play our first rock festival. To say we were all stunned was an understatement. (Details and our appreciation of the offer to follow when all the details are confirmed.)
So from there the overtime went out the window, the day went by in a blur and became pretty mundane, dropping Kate off at her mothers, hair-cut, Iron a couple of T-shirts, practiced the set and played some X-box to pass the time all while listening to Planet Rock Radio.
Paul came over to the flat and picked up a couple of T-Shirts for some of his guests and It’s now 14:45 and shower time again. I set one foot in the shower and the phone goes again. This time it’s Kate looking for a lift home.
I couldn’t have taken any more excitement!
Shower and shaved, it’s T-shirt selection time, I opt for a plane black (no surprise there) and put some others in a bag for later.

The Cars loaded with my Schechter Diamond Five String bass, easy option with a decent sound system behind us. Plug and Play as they say, I’ll touch on this and my change of mind again later.
16:30 I’m out the door and heading to pick up drummer Chris, a drummer with no driving licence who’d have thought it!!! For a change he’s ready, he checks over his stuff makes sure he’s got everything and we’re off, well almost! Back to mine first to pick up my pedal board it’s only a tuner and a Sans Amp digi/ overdrive box but I’d be screwed without it.
So we’re on the road, unlike some of the bands who are travelling seven plus hours to get to Bathgate, we’re a short 30 minute drive depending on traffic from the Dreadnought and yet we’re not the first there.
We make our hello’s and introduce ourselves and retreat to the business side of the gig, setting up Wolf Pack – Brora Wolf Corner.

Throughout the night we chatted with different members of the bands and our hosts. I would like to share a strange coincidence with you. Anyone one who knows us knows we’re Blake on vocals, Paul on Guitar, with Chris and Chris on Drums and Bass, Fallen Temples are Adam on guitars and vocals and Joe and Joe on Bass and drums I know it’s silly but the coincidence has stuck with me.
The draw for the running order was completed with Fallen Temples opening, us on second, Heartbreak Remedy up next followed by Control The Storm, and Twister.
From there the night went by so quickly, we knew the standard of bands we were up against before the gig, we knew every band was slightly different, every band has their own take on the rock music genre, we like to mix it up it’s just our way and music is about celebrating those differences.

Everyone we spoke to after the show had their own take on who they thought would win some called it, some didn’t but in the end, everyone I spoke to said it was a great night.
Congratulations to Control the Storm were announced as the over-all winners and they will go on to the main Stage at Winterstorm in Troon.
Speaking personally, I don’t like battle of the bands, I don’t like polls to select which bands should get selected for a single space on a line up, I don’t like popularity contests and after such a great night it’s difficult to walk away thinking we’ve just lost!  
Lost what exactly?
Over Ninety bands applied from all over the Uk and Europe and we were lucky enough to be one of the five who got to the live show, I had a great experience, I met some great people, I found some new bands to listen to and follow and our band has earned some new fans. We’ve received great feedback from our piers, from fans on the night and from the organisers. The staff at the Dreadnought Rock Club were brilliant with us and everyone else (I’m sure) and I hope we’ve done enough to one day be invited back.
We will grow from this and battle on.
Cya all soon.

Media updates:-


We don't know if you have been paying attention but over the past few weeks our upcoming release 'Get on My Level' has been getting air play on local and national radio chanels as a thank you we would like to share some of their links.

In order of appearance.

The Fat Mans Rock Show - hosted by Campbell Stewart you can find him on My Rock Radio and Cumbernauld FM 

Heavier than Metal - hosted by Darren Andrews and Chris Walker the show is borught to you via Dumfries Community Radio.

Hells Bells - is brought to you by Helen Ward who hosts her show via Sunny G Radio

Keep it Rock - is hosted by Duncan MacKellar who has shows on Total Rock Radio (UK), Radio Lanarkshire (UK), Pure Rock Radio (Canada), Cruize Radio (Australia) and CIA Radio (Germany) you can also find him at Keep It Rock and  his full show schedule is here then finally you can hear his podcast at

We're also hoping to have an interview on MoshVille times published, thanks to Ross Green for getting in contact with us for this one.

Storm Breakers 2109


We have been invited to the prestigious StormBreakers showcase at Dreadnought Rock Bathgate on August 31st where we will duke it out with UK hopefuls Fallen TemplesHeartbreak RemedyControl The Storm, and Official Twister for the chance to perform on the main stage at rock 'n' metalfest, WinterStorm 2019 at Troon Concert Hall on November 29/30 alongside such hard hittin' superstars as SKID ROWFM officialPete Way OfficialDiamond HeadTygers Of Pan Tang and Praying Mantis!

Previous winners of this competition have been the fantastic - Everyday Heroes & Anchor Lane and with your help we would like to follow in there foot steps.


Tickets can be bought via the Dreadnought Rock Skiddle account.

We won't know when we are on stage until just before the doors open at 7:00pm with the first band being on at 7:30pm sharp.